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Guide to TWA Teams

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1Guide to TWA Teams Empty Guide to TWA Teams on Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:43 am


Welcome to the TWA Teams section!

Let me first explain to you what TWA Teams are.
TWA teams are teams of members within TWA. They are not dorm dependant, so any tested member can join any team. Now, teams consist of a maximum of five members, who can challenge other teams to a war. So, the basic idea of teams is to become the best and most feared team in TWA.

Now, let me explain how this will all work.
Every team has a Team Leader, who will hopefully lead your team to victory. This leader, together with his team must pay 500 TC to create a team. You can just post your application in a new topic in this forum. A template for this topic can be found in the end of my post.

Once you created your team, you will get a subforum, which will not be viewable by any member other than the admins and the members of your team. In here you can discuss anything related to your team with your team mates. You and your team mates will receive a free custom user bar after creating your team, which you can put in your signatures.

Now that I've explained the basic idea of teams, let me explain the system of Team Wars!

In order to be able to fight wars, every team will have a public topic in this forum, where other teams can challenge your team to a war. A template for this challenge is found at the end of my post. Now, there ofcourse is a price to pay if you lose a war, and something to gain if you win a war. TWA Teams have something unique, called Team Points. When a team is created, a team gets 100 Team Points for free. When starting a war, both teams wager an equal amount of TC as their opponent. The winning team gets all wagered points, which will then be added to their total points. Points of every team will be posted, and updated in a different topic.

Now, when a team gets challenged, they have two options:
- They accept the war challenge. In this case, a team leader will make an hamachi network for the team war, which the leader of the other team must join. In this hamachi network, the team leaders can discuss the amount of Team Points they want to wager. (Maximum of 50 points every war) Any special rules posted in the challenge can be discussed here too. After the team leaders agree, they will post the rules and lineups in the topic. After this has been done, an admin has to approve the rules, and that admin will then create a war topic.

- They do not accept the war challenge. In this case, no war will take place. This will cost something though. The team that declines a challenge loses 1/10 of their total Team Points. Every team can only be challenged once every two weeks.

Here are some last things that you need to know:
- There is a special Team bank. Team members can put TC in this bank, and the Team Leader can buy things for the team in a special TWA Team Shop. These things vary from Team Points to an extra member slot. TC put in the bank can not leave the bank, other than by buying stuff in the TWA Team Shop.
- The top three teams will receive free TC in their bank every week. The team rankings will be updated every week.
1st place: 100 TC
2nd place: 75 TC
3d place: 50 TC

Now, the templates.
Team application:


Team name:

Team leader:

Team members: (Minimum of three, this includes the leader)

Which person(s) of your team will pay which amount of TC. (Total of 500):

Description of the team userbar: (Color(s), image, text)

Team goal: (Why are you here, what kind of team are you?)

War challenge:

Challenging Team name:

Challenged Team name:

Reason for the war:

Team Points wagered: (This can still be discussed later)

War format: (FE, PX or EX)

Special rules: (matches or single duels, banlist, loser chooses who goes first turn, etc.)

Number of duelists on main team:

Number of subs:

War Hamachi network:

If there are any questions, please post them here.

Credits for this idea go to Ahty.

2Guide to TWA Teams Empty Re: Guide to TWA Teams on Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:17 pm


Make sure to check this topic often, since rulings might still change.

In order to make sure this doesn't become a second dorm competition I'm adding an additional rule:

When you apply your Team, I will have to approve your application. There are extreme cases in which I will not approve a team. One of these cases is, if too many members of one dorm are on one team. This mostly applies to the shining dorm, since there are only around 6 or 7 active shining members. In order to keep things fun and fair for the other teams, a maximum of 3 shining dorm members are allowed on the same team.

3Guide to TWA Teams Empty Re: Guide to TWA Teams on Mon Sep 06, 2010 2:27 am


The difference between FE, PX and EX should probably be explained, because I'm only familiar with one and I'm sure it's the same with many people. xD;

4Guide to TWA Teams Empty Re: Guide to TWA Teams on Sat Nov 20, 2010 3:25 am


Head of Commerce
Head of Commerce
Im a active shining level member:/ i chose to be kingdom but i dont have enough to make a team:(

5Guide to TWA Teams Empty Re: Guide to TWA Teams on Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:21 am


if you want desperatly to make a team it is possible for you to sell your ranks back to rank 1 o exp for TC.

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